Calendar Photo Contest

Time to dig out the camera and snap us a pic! We are looking for photo submissions for our Misty Creek calendar. If your photo is chosen it will appear in the 2017 calendar. Misty Creek Dogs is theme of the calendar, either up for adoption or adopted in the past. Photos must be submitted to by midnight on July 29th, 2016.

Guidelines for photo submissions:

-Your photo must be of an animal adopted from Misty Creek Dog Rescue.
– Five photos per person may be submitted. Y Photo must be of only the Misty Creek animal – no other animals or people in the photo please.
– Please ensure that all photo submissions are a high resolution for printing. Amateur photos are welcome but please note that they must be of a printable quality (min 300 dpi in one of the following formats: tiff, jpeg or png – no cell phone snaps).
– With each submission include location and approximate date taken, name of the dog and year it was adopted, and name of the photographer/submitter. Feel free to share any additional information about the photo – information may or may not be included with publication.
– Photos must be free of watermarks, however photographer logos can be submitted and will be included in the calendar

* By submitting a photo for this contest, you are consenting for Misty Creek Dog Rescue to use that photo for the calendar if it is chosen, and authorizing Misty Creek Dog Rescue to potentially use the photo for other marketing, media or social media.