Coco Chanel is an 8 year old female who just recently arrived from LA. She is such a character and an absolute lap dog. She loves the dogs she is currently living with and follows them everywhere, even cuddles up in the crate with them at night! She doesn’t act like she is 8 years old- she’s not shy and is ready to cuddle anyone who comes through the door. Although she is ready to go for a walk whenever you are, she really enjoys curling up on the couch and being a Netflix buddy. She loves the kids she lives with and goes out into the backyard to play with them every day. She is quite a sweetheart. Coco knows how to sit, shake a paw and roll over. She is good with cats, kids and other dogs!



Hi I’m Pan! I’m a 7-8 year old girl that just arrived from Mexico. I am so excited to be here, my foster mom says I’ve been running around the backyard ever since I arrived. Once I’m done that, I come back in for cuddle time. I’m a BIG snuggler! You may think I look hairless, but I do in fact have hair:) I had a rough go in Mexico and had a pretty bad case of alopecia. I’m all better now though, maybe a few little spots but that makes me all the more unique! I love people and would love to find my forever home soon!



Meet Timmy! He is a 7 year old, neutered male,  Dachshund, and he’s SO sweet! Loves to snuggle all day, loves swimming and great off leash once he builds a bond with you. He responds extremely well to his name. He’s a bit sensitive and barks at new people (particularly men), but he quiets down pretty quick.
Big big big snuggle bug!

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Roxy is a 9 year old Bichon/Shih-Tzu mix and  was surrendered with her buddy Trixie. .The dogs are great with kids. Neither dog has lived with cats but the girls at the vet (boarding) have never had issues with them and the other dogs during playtime.


Kingston – Adopted into a forever home

Kingston, a 8 year old purebred Portuguese Pointer. With a name that means “A Kings Town” you would think this smooth light brown coated puppy would want to be treated like a king, but he has no expectations, just gratitude and affection. He doesn’t care about treats at all. He follows his foster mom around all day making sure she doesn’t do something he doesn’t know about. Sometimes Kingston likes to pretend he is a lap dog showing his fosters his appreciation with lots of kisses. He has been very respectful in his temporary home, behaving well when he is left out of his crate for the night. He even went camping with them recently, choosing to bunk with one of the kids in the trailer. Camping was a successful experience for him, proving how accommodating he can be to new surroundings. His fosters suggest using a halti when walking him because he can be a bit aggressive on a leash. This is a minor detail considering how good he is with other dogs. Kingston would love to have a new owner take him to a place where he can splash around in the water. He could live in a home with kids and other dogs. He is also good with . He’s smart, and adaptable. He knows “sit” and “lie down”


Diego – Adopted into a forever home

8 year old chihuahua male, good with other dogs, cats and kids. Would love to be adopted with his “brother” Sully!

This dog is in a foster home in Lethbridge. If you’re interested in learning more about this dog and how to arrange a meeting please read our Adoption Policies and Procedures before contacting us this  e-mail.