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Meet Bonnie, spayed female, about 3 years old and a boxer/Staffordshire terrier mix

“Hola! My name is Bonnie, I’m a Boxer cross who is roughly 3 years old but most days I act like i’m 98! haha I just came to this chill country you all call Canada from beautiful Mexico. So yup, I know both English and Spanish commands, my English is a little weaker but we are working on it! I’m a little timid when it comes to new things and new people but if you love me I promise I’ll love you right back! My favorite thing currently is to sleep under my foster mommy’s desk while she works, I actually really just enjoy sleeping period! haha My kennel is my safe place and I don’t mind sleeping in there during the night and for naps during the day. Snow is something I’m kinda getting use too.. Some days I forget what it is and pounce all over in it .. and then remember how freezing it is! haha My walking skills are getting better, I just love to smell everything new haha Mr. squeaky toy is by far my favorite thing to play with in the house, however, I’m still kinda new at playing alone but I love when you play with me!! Long story short, I would just like someone who will love me, play with me and give me belly rubs!!”