Adoption Fee: Adult Rate

Name: Deene
Age: 2 years
Breed: Chiweenie
Gender: Male
Size: Small
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes 
Cat Friendly: Yes
Current Location: Calgary

About Deene:

Deene is one of the pups from the puppy mill fire. Deene is a very busy little dog and is still quite puppyish. He can be quite mischievous and will find things to investigate. He is very timid around new people and if given the choice, he will go in his kennel. However, if you take him out and someone new holds him, he will stay and be pet. He is pee pad trained and doesn’t have accidents anywhere in the house. He is put outside regularly and will do his business out there. His tummy doesn’t tolerate treats very well, so half a milk bone or a bit of liver treats is enough for him. He loves other dogs. His foster brother Charlie is his best friend. He likes to groom Charlie’s face. When told to leave Charlie alone, he listens. He likes to run outside and likes walks, but only when Charlie is there. He really likes his toys and takes them all out of the toy box and eventually over to Charlie’s bed to play with them all day long. His favorite toy is probably a cat toy with a bell in it and an empty water bottle. Deene loves to be pet and have his ears massaged. He seems to like cheek kisses as well. He is still quite scared around new people, especially men. His foster would recommend that Deene be adopted into a house with a young, well-adjusted dog so he can learn to trust and have a playmate.

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