[huge_it_gallery id=”175″]Hanna is a 3 year old, spayed female hound mix. Here is a note from her foster home: “She is absolutely hilarious. She follows you around like a bunny rabbit. Bouncing circles around the house. She loves to play with toys and my dog. She loves running around! She has lots of energy but also tires out and cuddles! She is such a sweety. I am pretty sure she knows sit and lie down but she’s a bit sassy and only does it when she feels like it. She doesn’t know house manners yet but we are working on it. She also isn’t house trained but is getting better! She is great with cats, chases a little but has learned quickly. She likes to be vocal but is good with dogs and people! Wouldn’t be good with kids under ten as she is mouthy and jumps up when excited.”