[huge_it_gallery id=”28″]Kingston, a 8 year old purebred Portuguese Pointer. With a name that means “A Kings Town” you would think this smooth light brown coated puppy would want to be treated like a king, but he has no expectations, just gratitude and affection. He doesn’t care about treats at all. He follows his foster mom around all day making sure she doesn’t do something he doesn’t know about. Sometimes Kingston likes to pretend he is a lap dog showing his fosters his appreciation with lots of kisses. He has been very respectful in his temporary home, behaving well when he is left out of his crate for the night. He even went camping with them recently, choosing to bunk with one of the kids in the trailer. Camping was a successful experience for him, proving how accommodating he can be to new surroundings. His fosters suggest using a halti when walking him because he can be a bit aggressive on a leash. This is a minor detail considering how good he is with other dogs. Kingston would love to have a new owner take him to a place where he can splash around in the water. He could live in a home with kids and other dogs. He is also good with . He’s smart, and adaptable. He knows “sit” and “lie down”