Adoption Fee: Puppy Rate

Remi is a happy boy, and 10 months old He is a large, neutered male Labrador mix from Mexico. Remi is a very good boy. He loves to be around others and is pretty much up to anything. He likes car rides, long walks, food, and playing. He is trying very hard to learn the house rules, like no jumping up, but there is still work to be done. He would probably do well in an active household, with children and other pets. Regardless, he is settling in nicely to our quiet household. What a beautiful puppy dog!

Here is a note from Remy:

Hi my name is Remy, I am sooooo happy and grateful for this opportunity life is bringing me! I never imagined something like this could happen!!! When I was rescued, I could barely walk, I was in so much pain. The skin infection I had was so bad, every time I would scratch, my swollen feet and face would open and bleed, but I couldn’t stop scratching. I was on the street invisible, people walked by me, and kicked me out of their way, because without hair and dry blood all over, I looked like a rock. Arriving to my rescuers house, I only sleep and eat for one whole week, I didn’t understand what was happening, I didn’t want anybody to touch me, but food and shelter felt good. The people I called family before, mistreated me and had me tied up day and night, under the sun and rain, until my skin started to get in very bad shape for the stress of being unable to move. When my skin got worse, they kicked me out of the house and was left on the street on my own. I’m glad that’s just a bad dream now.
I remember the first time my rescuer brought me a toy, I would stare at her throwing it at me and I just didn’t know what to do with it, I had never played before.
Super grateful that my life changed! I’m a super healthy puppy, my skin problem is totally gone, I love life! I have made lots of friends! I play with them all day long! I have allot of energy and love to run, jump, bite, eat ! Playing ball is a good one, running and walking I love!!! I have a very good equilibrium, I’m a good climber, I can even go up a ladder very easy, not so good with the going down part, so please don’t let me climb without someone to help me go down, I’m very good on opening difficult things, like drawers, tricky trash cans, as a matter of fact, I’m a good candidate for dog agility. I dont like to be tied up, I get very nervous. I’m potty trained !!! Maybe at the beginning with all the changes, it can be a little difficult, but I swear I know how to hold it till we go out! I’m a little shy around people at the beginning, I just need a little time, please the first time you touch me, let me smell you first, and please don’t pet my head at first… maybe my chin is better. With dogs, I get along right away! I would love to live in a house were I have more dogs brothers to play with, when I’m left alone I get very nervous, but if I have more dog brothers around , I’m perfect!! I love love love looooovveeee food! I’ll do anything for it, I even know how to sit for treats! fruits, vegetables, smoothies, I want it all!! Banana, lettuce, peanut butter and tomatoes rock! Please be carefull because I’ll steal anything edible from where I can reach, I’ll eat my toys too! Then I’ll poop them. I eat fabric and swallow it too. Paper is another favorite of mine. The nylon bone has been great for me to chew on, instead of all of the above. If I’ll have brothers, at lunch time, please feed me separately, in another room, or inside a kennel, because I will start a fight, I’m a fast eater and I’ll want to eat their food too, I’m never full! If I can get a hold of the food bag or can, I’ll open it, rip it or push until it falls to eat till I explode! Please keep it out of reach. I’ll be so happy to go with you everywhere! I love riding on motorcycles! The car is also good.. and I can behave very good when we are somewhere like a store, restaurant, or anywhere we can go together. I’m a big pup ! I can be a hand full , but I learn fast and all I want is to be loved and to give you all my love!!!