Adoption Fee: Puppy Rate

Name: Tookie
Age: 11 months
Breed: Shepherd Cross
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Kid Friendly: Yes 
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: 
Current Location: Calgary

About Tookie:

Tookie is an extremely affectionate and cuddly boy. He loves belly rubs and attention. He is good with new people, kids and other dogs. He loves any type of food and treats; this makes it easier for his foster family to train him. He can be stubborn doing tricks without a treat or kibble. He is house trained, calm on car rides, likes to be brushed, and loves the snow. He has good recall most of the time, especially when you have treats or make sounds to entice him. His prey drive is pretty low. He is fully vaccinated, neutered, he is in good health and has great teeth. He dominates smaller and older dogs, he will try to play with them even when they are not interested. He can be destructive if not walked/run regularly and if he gets bored. He is easily corrected and will stop if he is doing something undesirable. He is great on a leash and barely pulls. He knows “sit” and is learning “stay” and “lay down”. He loves chewing on toys and treats (beef hides, kong balls, squeaky toys). His foster family thinks that he would be the perfect dog for an active person or family as his energy level is quite high.

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