Adoption Application

Why do I have to provide information before viewing an animal?

 Many of our animals are at the shelter because their former owners did not think through the responsibilities of owning a pet. We request that all potential adopters fill out initial information before viewing or meeting an animal so our staff can ensure that decisions to adopt are not based on an emotional response. This information will help us to find the right pet for you and your family. This time is well invested when you consider that your pet could live with you for 10 to 20 years! We ask for your patience and cooperation in the exciting process of bringing pets and people together.

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If yes who?

Have you ever surrendered or given up an animal? (required)

If yes: How long ago, who took your animal and why did you surrender the animal?

Are you 18 years of age or older?(required)

Do you have photo ID with proof of age?(required)

Do you expect to move within the next 3 years?

Are you the homeowner?

If no, do you have a permission letter from your landlord?

Are all adults in the household in agreement on the adoption of a new pet?

Who will be primarily responsible for the pet’s care?(required)

number of adults in household(required)

number and ages of children in household(required)

Does anyone in the household have allergies to animals?

How many hours a day are you and your family regularly away from home?(required)

Who will take care of your pet if you cannot (vacation/emergency/illness)? (required)

What circumstances would lead you to return your pet to us? (required)

I am adopting this animal as(required)
Companion for selfCompanion for family (spouse, children)Companion for other petWorking (Herding, hunting, mousing, service, guarding)Other

Have you ever owned a dog before?

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Please provide info on your animals (Breed, Age, Sex, Fixed, Length Owned?) (required)

Do your current pets have microchips/licenses/identification?(required)

Are they vaccinated and altered?

What size of adult dog would you like?(required)

When family is not with the dog, I will keep it(required)
Dog run/loose in yardChained in yardBarn/garageLoose in houseLoose on farm/acreageCrated/Room in house


I plan to keep the dog primarily(required)
OutsideInsideBoth Out and InWith me


I plan to provide exercise by (required)
Loose in houseLoose in yard/propertyDaily walks on leashJogging/BikingOff-leash parks

Are there any specific activities you would like your dog to participate in (e.g. Jogging, hiking)?(required)

How much money do you think you will need to spend yearly on your pet? (incl. Vet, Food, Supplies)(required)

How often do you expect to visit a veterinarian each year? (required)

Do you have a particular vet clinic in mind? (required)

Do you have any experience in housetraining? (required)

Do you have any experience in obedience/pet training? (required)

Do you understand that adoption is a lifetime commitment, once you agree to take a dog into your home you are agreeing to care for that animal for the rest of it's life? (required)

Do you understand how much time, effort and patience is required for a rescue dog?(required)

Do you understand that all of the information about our animals is based on observation within the shelter environment and/or information provided by a third party, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that the breed, age, behavior, or health listed is correct? (required)

What length of time day/night will the dog be alone? (required)

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