Fees and Procedures

Adoption Policies and Procedures


Puppy (Under 1 year old)

(Over 1 year old)

(Older dog – determined by MCDR)

$ 700 + tax $600 + tax  $400 + tax
includes initial vaccines

and spay/neuter at 6months

includes initial vaccines

and spay/neuter at 6months

includes up to date vaccines

and spay/neuter

Due to the high number of surrenders because of accommodation issues, we are currently carefully reviewing applications from potential adopters with rental accommodations.

Please read this first if you are considering contacting us to adopt a dog. We receive an overwhelming amount of e-mails asking questions that are already answered here or on the dog’s description.

At Misty Creek, our goal is to find the most suitable environment for each specific dog and we reserve the right to refuse adoption. We want our dogs to enjoy a forever home.

A Pre-Adoption application must be filled out for each dog/puppy so that we may review your information and decide if you are the best possible home for the dog/puppy. Your application must be returned and approved before visiting the dog or puppy you are interested in.

All dogs will have UP TO DATE vaccines (at time of adoption) and be dewormed. Those over 6 months of age will also be altered. Once a pet is adopted it is the adopters responsibility to continue vet care and expense.

Most of our animals are stray animals and we do not have a complete history, so what we have listed on the website is all we know.

We do not hold animals with a phone call. Payment and contracts for the animal are required and you will be charged a boarding fee of $7.00 per day for a maximum of 14 days only. Please remember that every dog we adopt out and get into their new home means another can be saved.

Assume that all of our dogs are not house-trained. Most of them are here in kennels and we don’t know if they are house trained. If they are house-trained, it will be posted on their biography.

We cannot guarantee temperament and behavior. What we see here may differ from what happens in your home; you must be ready to dedicate some time helping your new friend adapt to his/her new environment. We suggest professional training to help the dog be the best he/she can be.

We will not, under any circumstances adopt out an animal for breeding purposes, so please don’t contact us if you want an un-altered dog Our goal is to educate people in the importance of spaying/neutering your pet.

Our Adoption Fees are not negotiable!!

All our dogs and puppies are vet checked. We try to ensure that every animal is healthy before leaving us. We will not be held responsible for any health issues AFTER the time of adoption.

Adopting an animal is a serious commitment for the life of that animal. They are not disposable.

Understanding Fees

Adoption fees are based on the specific situation of every dog.  This system is used because it is the primary source of funding for the shelter. Many dogs are received from pounds, reserves,  SPCA and other rescue groups and a surrender fee is not received for them. In this case, funds are only received when the dog is adopted.
Some dogs that have been at the shelter for an extended period may be placed in suitable homes with the suggestion of a nominal donation. The cost of keeping a rescue organization operational is significant and without adoption fees, Misty Creek would not be able to continue to rescue abandoned animals.

The shelter is completely volunteer run and there is no profit gained from the animals.
Some of our expenses include:

– Veterinary Bills

– Day To Day Care For Dogs/Puppies

– Cell Phones

– Advertising

– Transport Vehicle Operation & Maintenance

– Fuel (Over $1000 Per Month)

– Toys & Treats

– Doghouses

– Dog Runs

– Crates

– Water And Food Buckets/Bowls

– Laundry Soap

– Cleaning Supplies

– Office & Computer Supplies And Equipment

Funding is received from dog adoptions, surrenders and personal donations. In an attempt to be fair, the shelter asks an affordable price for our dogs that can still keep us operational.

Puppies up to one year of age are  $700.00+GST (this will include spaying/neutering at 5-6  months of age)
Spayed/Neutered dogs over 1 year of age are $600.00+GST
Spayed/Neutered dogs that are *mature are $400.00+GST

We DO NOT negotiate our adoption fees and GST is applicable on all adoptions
* adoption fees may vary depending on the dog’s unique situation

Your adoption includes:

– Up to date vaccinations

– Deworming

– Spay/Neuter

– Folder for your vet records

The adoption fee received is used to rescue the next dog.