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Owner surrenders require accurate and current vet records

If you are thinking of surrendering your dog to Misty Creek, please understand that your dog is welcome at our shelter.  We accept almost all dogs, with the exception of some with significant behavioural problems. In this case, we will try to offer alternatives to help you and your dog.

You may be put on a waiting list until we have room to take your dog.  When space is available, one of our volunteers will contact you. At that time, you will be required to provide all vet records, a surrender fee and be prepared to sign away rights to your dog.  If there are no vet records, your surrender fee wil be adjusted to accommadate vaccinations. It is your responisibility to make sure the dog is healthy prior to surrender.

Your surrender fee is used to cover food costs, vet costs, maintenance costs, advertising etc.  Ultimately, you are hiring us to find your dog a suitable home. We are a no-kill shelter, which means that your dog will have a home here until we find a suitable person to adopt him/her.

Our shelter believes this is a better alternative than euthanasia.

Fees to Surrender Your Dog

Surrender fees range from $100 to $150. The fees is dependant on whether your dog is altered, vaccinated and the circumstances that led you to bring your dog into us.
Please e-mail us for more information.


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    By submitting this form we are NOT agreeing to take your animal. The application will be reviewed in time, if the animal is deemed suitable for our program we will contact you and arrange a time for an assessment. Only when we have space do we agree to take animals and we reserve the right to refuse an animal for any reason.


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