Thank You

Misty Creek and all our pooches, past & present, would like to take some time to thank the people that have helped us throughout the year by way of cash donations, food donation, blankets, towels, toys, Canadian Tire money, computers, volunteers and fostering.

Some donate anonymously through our drop off locations and we would like to thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

To those of you who say “keep the change” from adoptions, make extra donations on top of their adoption fee, and/or donate the $100 spay/neuter refund instead of requesting a refund – you are greatly treasured and we appreciate all of your support.

Thank you to everyone that post our weekly adoption fax list.

With all of your support, we can keep helping the less fortunate, unwanted animals to find new, loving homes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who supports us!

dogdayzMisty Creek Dog Rescue would like to give a big thank you to Varsity Ravine Park Dog Days Team and Fairplay Pet Supplies. Their generous donation of $800 in gift cards, kennels, blankets and toys is going to keep our dogs (and other rescue animals) happy, fed and warm while they wait for their forever homes to come along. The annual event in the Varsity Ravine Dog Park helps to raise awareness and continued support for rescues like us. We were so happy to see many of the dogs at this event were rescues and a few were even former Misty Creek dogs. Seeing a community come together to help in providing for and finding homes for rescued dogs was wondering. We hope to work with this team again soon!


At the beginning of February 2013, Sarah and her family began fostering Pompey, a Chihuahua cross, which Misty Creek brought up from Los Angeles. After fostering for 3 weeks, the family fell in love with Pompey and adopted him. Nine year old Sarah decided she wanted to do something to help Misty creek and the puppies. She approached the principal at her school and proposed a fundraiser called “Pennies for Puppies”. She then visited all of the classes at Sam Livingston School and talked to them about Misty Creek and asked for donations of pennies (or other change) and used towels and blankets. The fundraiser ran for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, she had collected $350.01 and several towels and blankets. She donated $50 toward Misty Creek’s vet bills and used the rest of the money to buy dog supplies for the rescue organization.

PetValu has been collecting donations, donating their own products and hosting adoptathons for Misty Creek Dog Rescue! Thank you PetValu! you guys rock!