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Hola, I’m Blanca ( It means White, for you English folk ) haha I am a 5 year old Mixed breed all the way from Mexico! I’ve spent my whole life in the shelter, so it was pretty awesome to get out! At first I thought these white mountains you guys have were super cool, till I tried to climb one, way less cool when it tried to eat me. But I’ve learned that if I stay out of the white piles, I can actually enjoy my walks. I prefer to walk pretty close to you, sometimes too close that when I stop you might trip over me, but it’s better then pulling right? I’ve been told I have a nose of a hound, I love smelling.. well, everything. My inside manners are pretty on point! I was good enough to get my very own comfy bed, so I think that means I’m doing something right!! I have had no accidents in the house & I really just prefer to lay at the window and watch people go by. I have no interest at barking at people, it seems like too much work. We are still currently working on my tricks, but if you have a treat in your hand I’m very good to sit & shake a paw. When I feel like I need some of your attention, I’ll extend the same paw in hopes you’ll love me! My crate is my friend, and don’t mind sleeping all night in my safe place! Overall, I’m a super chill girl who likes some pets, loves my walks and enjoys sleeping even more!