[huge_it_gallery id=”184″]Chloe is a 3 year old, mid sized hound cross. She is good with other dogs and loves to play. Chloe hard a rough start and was brutally slammed in the head when she was only 7-8 weeks old. She was literally dazed and confused, blinded, and could only walk in circles. She had a huge swelling over one eye for weeks. Gradually, with meds, treatment, therapy, and encouragement, she began to walk a few steps in a straight line. Then would fall back into circling. She was able to spend more time outside in a small enclosure and began walking straight more and more. After a couple of weeks of supervised outside living, she finally began to act like a normal dog. The entire rehab process took nearly 3 months.  Today, Chloe is a year-old, active, fun-loving and gentle pup. She is a bit shy of new people but warms up quickly and is ready for adoption with no lingering side effects from her injury.