[huge_it_gallery id=”167″]This adorable girl is Ponchi, who came from Mexico! She looks like a lab in a doberman’s body – however it’s hard to tell what the exact breed is with rescues! Ponchi has such a great temperament, she is so sweet and loving. She like’s to jump up and give you hugs. She has the perfect amount of energy. She loves walks & playing but is also totally fine just relaxing and chewing on a bone. She walks well on leash (still pulls a bit and can be a bit skittish of cars going by and kids who approach to quickly) and is great in her kennel. Her house training is coming along nicely, she is a very smart girl and just wants to please. This girl is turning out to be the perfect dog and would bring so much joy to any family!She is 8 months old. She is a spayed female, mid sized, looks like a lab mix. She loves to play with other dogs. She is.a good girl. Needs a lot of cuddles.