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Name: Sammie
Age: 3 years
Breed: Shepherd cross
Gender: Female
Size: Large
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No

About Sammie
Meet Sammie, a 3 year old shepherd surrendered to the pound of Cardston. Sammie is a beautiful girl, curious and ready for adventure. She is happiest out on a hike or finding a nice body of water to dunk her paws in. Sammie is a beautiful girl who has been looking for her forever home for way too long! She’s been in a foster home more recently, and it’s just crazy that a loving person or family hasn’t snatched her up yet! She impresses everyone she meets with her bouncy and friendly demeanour and amazing athletic feats! (She can JUMP!!) She’s maybe 60ish lbs, house trained, barks sometimes when excited to go outside (but responds well to correction), is very snuggly, crate trained, knows all her basic obedience and a few extras like “paw”, “wait”, “leave it”, and even “go to bed” ! Sammie has great recall, although she is born to run and loves to chase and hunt when she’s outside or with small animals, so that should be considered for any potential home. Sammie cannot be left alone or unsupervised in a fenced yard, she will absolutely escape every time by jumping over it, no matter how high! She plays awesome with other dogs. She and her foster sister wrestle most of the day and she’s made many of the same friends while here in our home. She’s very energetic and we’re working on loose leash walking but she will need ongoing leash work and plenty of exercise to be a well balanced girl. An awesome fit for her could be an acreage with no small animals (she will chase them), where she can be inside and outside with her people. Her forever family should also be familiar with dogs and catching and handling visual cues for intervention, as she can be reactive when on leash and can rub some dogs the wrong way at the beginning because of this. However all of her behaviour is manageable when she’s getting appropriate exercise and ongoing socialization and correction, with positive reinforcement. She learns VERY fast and just wants to please. She’s a very special girl (just look at that face!!) please come and meet her to play a game of fetch!

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