[huge_it_gallery id=”193″]Sophia, 2 year old, ¬†Mexican mix. Very sweet calm personality. This poor girl was found in the jungle with her mouth and legs taped. She loves her humans regardless.

Note from Foster home:
Sophia had a very difficult start to life. She was found in the Cozumel jungle with her muzzle taped shut and her feet bound. She was rescued and recently made her way to YYC. She has some scarring on her nose but it doesn’t bother her. You can touch her anywhere and she loves the attention. She has been fostering with us for two weeks and every day we see improvement. In the last couple of days she is confident enough that she doesn’t have to follow me when I leave the room. She is fantastic in her kennel both day and night. We go for two walks a day for a total of 45 min to an hour so doesn’t require excessive amounts of exercise. She is great on the leash. Our 11 year old granddaughter walked her in Fish Creek Park with no trouble. She is very gentle with kids. She has no food aggression and eats with our two dogs with no problem. She loves to cuddle on the sofa and in bed in the morning. AND, she is very smart. She learns very quickly. She has also relaxed with our dogs and no longer feels the need to try and dominate them. She loves our barn cats but does chase our house cats. She deserves a loving and nurturing furever home!